Sunday 12 June 2011

Private Joseph Patrick O'Connor

Born on 6 July 1891 in London, England - husband of Elizabeth O'Connor, Ottawa, Ontario - brother of Mary O'Connor, whereabouts unknown - friend of Mrs. E. Simpson, Franktown, Ontario - at the time of his enlistment in 1915: present address in Franktown, Ontario; trade as farmer; single; no current or previous military service; Church of England; height of 5 feet 7 inches; chest of 40 inches fully expanded; fair complexion; blue eyes; light brown hair.

Joined the 77th Battalion, CEF, in Ottawa, Ontario, on 1 December 1915 (number 145589) - departed for overseas on 19 June 1916 - taken on the strength of the 38th Battalion, CEF, in England on 6 July 1916 - struck off the strength of the 38th Battalion to base details - transferred to the 78th Battalion, CEF, on 27 November 1916 - wounded on 9 April 1917 - repatriated to Canada on 20 March 1918 - joined the Headquarters, Canadian Army Service Corps, Motor Transport Section, in Ottawa, Ontario, on 24 June 1919.

(sources: Library and Archives Canada (, online attestation papers; Canadian War Museum, 19740281-001, Manu 58F 2 3, 207th Canadian Infantry Battalion and 38th Canadian Infantry Battalion, Nominal Roll; The Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa Regimental Museum, A400-0007, Master Personnel List for the 38th Canadian Infantry Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force; Anonymous, An Historical Sketch of the Seventy-Seventh Battalion Canadian Expeditionary Force (Ottawa: War Publications Limited, 1926), p.132)


Linda52 said...

This man is my grandfather. I never new him or my grandmother. I have been doing some research over the past year to find out more about him. I did find the attestation papers from another site about six months ago. I was thrilled to find mention of him on your site. I have been reviewing the attestation papers on the Library and Archives Canada,,
and noticed two of the three back pages have James Patrick at the top not Joseph Patrick. I sent them a note about it. Don't know if they will respond but I hope they do.

Michael O'Connor said...

From the serial number, he is my grand father. I have his medals, and some pictures of him. My name is Michael O'Connor, Im from Grand Forks BC. I also have his obituary, and me and my family have visited his grave site. He died ten years before I was born, my dad is William O'Connor. My dad had one brother and two sisters. My grandmother Elizabeth died in 1958. Is there anyway to talk to Linda?

Michael O'Connor said...

he was my grandfather;died 1942 but his wife used to pull me in a red wagon(grandmother)I have his medals and discharge papers.

Ken said...


Thanks for the information. Unfortunately, Linda did not leave any contact info in her post, and that all I receive as well.

If you have them digitized and are able to share, I'd love to be able to put photos and more information from the material you have into the blog entry.

Thanks, Ken

Anonymous said...

i will send some pictures etc...when i get back home march 2012 ? you are doing a great service ken thanks

Linda said...

Hi Ken. Michael must be a cousin of mine! My email address is Can you give it to Michael? I don't know why I checked your site again, but I was just delighted to see Michael`s post. Your site is amazing.


Michael O'Connor said...

I did E mail Linda I hope she calls she did E mail we are cousins for sure.I am finding a few pictures of J.P.O"Connor from 1929 in uniform;One in civy cloths looks like first world war.I have to find someone to send them to you Ken as I am illiterate on computors.Will try to send copy of service record and pictures of 3 medals;Victory1918;General Service(British War Medal) and Long Service.Discharged Aug.15/1940

Bill Wilby said...

Hi Ken I have scanned some photos, documents and medals for Michael O'Conner. He would like to share them, can you give me an address to send them to, thank you Bill Wilby

Ken said...


I've sent a message to the photo place re the scans.

Many thanks!


Ken said...


Photos received and I finally had a chance to open them up. They're great!

Many, many thanks,