Thursday 30 April 2009

Private Ralph Gibbons

Born on 16 March 1899 in Owen Sound, Ontario - son of Sarah Gibbons, Owen Sound, Ontario - at the time of his enlistment in 1917: present address in Owen Sound, Ontario, trade as horse driver, single, no current or previous military service, Latter Day Saints, height of 5 feet 7.25 inches, chest of 35.5 inches fully expanded, fair complexion, blue eyes, brown hair.

Joined the 1st Depot Battalion, 1st Central Ontario Regiment, in Toronto, Ontario, on 18 September 1917 (number 3030558) - taken on the strength of the 58th Battalion, CEF, on 1 June 1918 - transferred to the 38th Battalion, CEF, on 12 or 13 August 1918 - wounded on 2 September 1918 - invalided to England on 9 September 1918.

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