Thursday 5 February 2009

Private Pliny John Fetterly

Born on 22 May 1897 in Christenville, Ontario - son of Adam Christopher Fetterly, Cornwall, Ontario - at the time of his enlistment in 1915: trade as farmer, single, no current or previous military service, Presbyterian, height of 5 feet 8 inches, chest of 38.5 inches fully expanded, ruddy complexion, brown eyes, brown hair.

Joined the 59th Battalion, CEF, on 10 June 1915 - transferred to the 38th Battalion, CEF, in Barriefield, Ontario, on 30 June 1915 (number 410946) - served with the 38th Battalion during its period of garrison duty in Bermuda - landed in France with the 38th Battalion on 13 August 1916 - wounded on 29 October 1916 - rejoined the 38th Battalion on 6 November 1916 - struck off the strength of the 38th Battalion on 2 May 1917 - rejoined the 38th Battalion on 18 June 1918 - wounded on 2 or 3 September 1918 - invalided to England on 5 September 1918.


dianne Clark said...

Mr. Reynolds,
Pliny John Fetterly was my step uncle.
Adam Christopher Fetterly's first wife died in 1908 and Adam married his 2nd wife in 1909. By this 2nd marriage, he had 2 daughters, one being my mother. Pliny was her step brother.
Pliny was born in Chesterville, Ontario,Canada on the 28 of Jul 1897 and died the 17 of Dec. 1970 in Dundas County, Ontario.

Dianne Clark said...

Mr. Reynolds,
Pliny also had 2 other brothers who served in World War I.
William Marcus Grant Fetterly was born on the 17 of Aug. 1889 in Williamsburg,Ontario, Canada and served as a sergent in WW1. He died in Bramshott, England on Feb. 19,1919 and is buried in the Bramshott cemetary(St. Mary) churchyard.(I believe- flu related)
His other son who served in the U.S. Army was George Arthur Fetterly, born Feb. 29,1896 in Williamsburg, Ontario, Canada.

Ken said...

Thank you for all of the additional information. It's always very welcome.


Unknown said...

Hello! I am working on my family history and I stumbled upon this blog while surfing the internet. Pliny John Fetterly is my Great Grandfather. He was married to Winnifred May Hollister and together they had 2 daughters. My Grandmother Melba & her sister Alice. Winnifred died young when the girls were 1 & 2 I believe. Pliny then remarried. This is all I know of him and I'd love to find out more! Not sure if you will see this Mr. Reynolds, but if so I'd love to find out more about Pliny and his second family.
Tricia Sanders

Alma Clark said...


Would love to find out more about your family! Can you share info. on Melba and Alice and their families?

Alma Clark