Saturday 30 December 2006

Private Thomas William Angel

Born on 19 October 1875 or 1876 in Ottawa, Ontario - husband of Jennie Angel, Ottawa, Ontario - enlistment form (1915) notes trade as [locomotive] engineer, married, presently a member of the militia (three years with the Governor General's Foot Guards, 1.5 years with the 2nd Canadian Field Artillery), height of 5 feet 6.75 inches, chest of 36 inches, ruddy complexion, brown eyes, brown hair, Church of England.

Joined the 38th Battalion on 24 February 1915 (number 410097) - taken on the strength of the 2nd Canadian Infantry Battalion in France on 25 August 1915 - served with the 2nd Battalion for one year and six months before being discharged for a wound to his left ankle - rejoined the Canadian Expeditionary Force in Ottawa on 20 December 1918.

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gfcupcake48 said...

Thank you so much for your dedication. You have no idea what this means to our family. God Bless!

The Angel Family!